Wind Power Brings Jobs To America – Vestas To Open Blade Factory In Colorado

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Due to the bumper year that wind has been having in North America, it only make sense that Vestas, the worlds largest wind turbine maker, would want to located a factory here.

Based on a thorough placement analysis and in cooperation with the Colorado Office of Economic Development and International Trade, Upstate Colorado Economic Development, the Metro Denver Economic Development Corporation and the Town of Windsor, Vestas (click to here the little Vestas man talk to you) has decided to establish its first US-based blade factory in the Great Western Industrial Park in Windsor, Colorado. The decision is based on the park’s central location, as well as the direct access to rail services and a skilled workforce.

The total investment in production equipment, land and buildings is expected to amount to approx EUR 45m (approx USD 60m). Construction of the factory will begin in the spring of 2007, with the start of production planned for early 2008. At full production, the plant will have a production capacity of approximately 1,200 blades per year and the factory will employ around 400 people. (Vestas employs another 12,000 people world wide)

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“We are extremely excited that Vestas has chosen the State of Colorado for its first production facility in the USA,” says Bill Ritter, Governor of the State of Colorado and continues: “This is a perfect example of how we are going to build a new energy economy here in Colorado and establish the state as a national and world leader in renewable energy. The State of Colorado welcomes Vestas to the region and we look forward to working together with Vestas in promoting renewable energy in the USA.”

This news comes hot on the heals of renewed funding for the National Renewable Energy Lab, also in Colorado.
Wind energy is one of the fastest growing energy industries in the world. In 2006 alone, the USA has seen an increase of 30% in capacity, reaching nearly 12,000 total installed MW to date. Canada Has seen a doubling, and the world at large has seen record growth.

“As per 30 June 2006, Vestas had installed more than 9,300 wind turbines in the USA and Canada, and the market prospects continue to look promising”, says Jens Søby, President of Vestas Americas A/S and continues: “Establishing a blade production in Colorado is an important step forward in our strategy to grow our business in the North American market.”

“Vestas is exactly the kind of company we want to attract to the Great Western Industrial Park,” says Alex Yeros, Managing Director of the Great Western Development Company, “Vestas is a clean industry and it will bring good jobs to the local community,” he adds.

“We are confident that we have chosen the right location for our 19,000 square-metre (approx 200,000 sq. feet) blade factory in the USA,” says Ole Borup Jakobsen, President of Vestas Blades A/S and continues: “The local authorities, economic development partners and Great Western Development Company have shown strong commitment towards making this project a reality and we look forward to continuing our good relationship during and after the establishment of the factory.”

Good jobs, good company, good for the earth. Lets see more of this.

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  1. HI
    My Name Is George and I think that wind power is the answer…
    I would love to learn how too get a good paying job in this industry. The future is open too this tech… and we as people of the earth need to see that it happen’s so our kids and they’er kids have a woprld that is clean and the power they need to live.

  2. hollo my name is chris ridley

    I am strong minded when it comes to numbers and green energy I have studied all wind tech and I want to be around it dedicate my life on wind mining looking for the propeller ingine to become a rocket or a jet I have so many Ideas but other than that I have been a machinic at dell monte fruit for minute I do all welding mig tig gas arc just not aluminuim Im sure its not hard but I have not experienced it I will be going to school to get approved to be around these machines even though I can make one not a full scale but I have the consept of everything I talk with engineers at companies to find out everything I would be a very valuble employee because of my passion for this business It is going to be a dream come true if I can just be around windgenerators and the people who take care and put them together thankyou for your time and I will stay intouch chris ridley

  3. Hello my Name is Theresa and I am from Greeley Colorado. I to applied for a job at Vestas Blade America. I love what this could mean for Weld County and for the environment. I am from Grover and they installed wind turbines out there. I would LOVE to be a part of this company! I am so for what Vestas stands for. This gives my grandchildren hope of a cleaner world. GO VESTAS!

  4. Hay I am also try for Vestas but I am an Indian so, they don’t want to give me chance.
    However I have Experiacne of Suzlon Wind Power Company with 2 yrs. unless they are not allow me I don’t know what’s reason.
    Vestas is my Dream but I am failed for Vestas

  5. From what I have heard they are not hiring till the begining of the year so don’t give up just yet they have alot of jobs to fill. I also applied there all you can do is wait for an interveiw call.

  6. Good afternoon. I live near Windsor, Colorado. A Danish company, Vesta Wind Systems, recently located a plant in that city. I have been unsuccessful in locating their web page in the internet rabbit hole to find potential job listings for that company. Do you have a phone number or web site I could visit SPECIFICALLY for jobs in the Windsor, Colorado site? Thanks.

  7. Hi I too am interested in a possible career in the wind turbine industry, particularly becoming a technician. I live in San Jose and along the Altimont Pass about 30 miles away there are dozens of wind turbines. There are no official turbine tech training programs anywhere near my area, can anybody suggest classes to take or trades to learn that would help me with becoming a turbine tech? I am currently taking DC theory at a local vocational school.. would learning electrical as I am doing be a benefit to when it comes to this?

  8. Hi,

    I am Dipk Gohel, i am working in wind power in past 12 years and i am a engineer till i working with one of the MNC company in india , want to make my carrier at america , how i can get the job in america i am realy intrsted in america wind power job

  9. I would like to get more information on Vestas and how we, the people in McComb MS, could open up a Production Plant in our little town. Please contact our Mayor’s office at; P.P.E.S.A. News-Mayor Zack Patterson, and/or Tasha Dillion, I’m a concerned citizen who would just like to bring my community into the 21st century with an industry that I believe is going places.

  10. I think a cool approach would be to construct wind turbines out of recycled materials (car parts for example). In this way two problems are resolved in the same time.

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