China Turns Landfill Into Wind Farm

wind farm being built in Mongolia

China plans on spending $103 million (800 million yuan) on turning a dump into a major wind farm. The plant, in an exposed landfill area near the East China Sea, will be built by the Shanghai Environment Group and Shanghai Huadian Electric Power Development Co. Ltd. The 15 1.5MW turbines should be enough to power 100,000 homes, and will offset the use of over 12,000 tons of coal. “By 2010 the total wind power will be around 300 MW, two percent of the city’s total installed power capacity,” said Li Xin, an official with the Shanghai Development and Reform Commission.

China had 62 wind farms in operation with an energy capacity of 1,266 MW at the end of 2005. The government has set a target of 5,000 MW for 2010 and 30,000 MW for 2020, by which time wind power will account for three percent of the country’s total power needs. (via Thanks RT for that find.)

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