Solar Powered Keyboard

solar powered keyboard

A company called Genius (nice name) has come out with a wireless solar powered keyboard. Seems it also has a backup usb charging cable in case you like to do a lot of dark room web surfing.

– stylish 2.4GHz solar desktop combo for green protection
– keyboard with adjustable solar device
– high resolution laser mouse, resolution: 1600/800dpi
– mouse with power saving technology
– radio frequency: 2.4GHz, anti-interference
– up to 10 meters operational distance
– port: USB

keyboard – 17 programmable hotkeys for:
– 6x media center control
– 4x Internet features (browser, messenger & mail)
– 3x MS Office (Word, Excel & Powerpoint)
– 4x Windows (copy, paste, print, save)

That’s right solar power and 17 (count em) 17! programmable hotkeys!

7 thoughts on “Solar Powered Keyboard”

  1. Hi Mnao, you know I am not sure where you would buy one, but they have a phone number and email on the contact page They might not be the kind of place that sells things directly but I am sure they would not turn down your money if you offered it :)

    Good luck, if you do buy one let me know how well it works and I will post the review for everyone to read.


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