Interesting Story About/From The Swiss…

solar boat

…I read on Yahoo News.

Read for y’all’s selves:
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A Swiss-made catamaran has become the first solar-powered boat to cross the Atlantic after reaching the French Caribbean island of Martinique, the boat’s owners said.

Sun21 reached Martinique’s Le Marin harbour at 3:00 pm (1900 GMT) on Friday, 63 days after leaving the Spanish port of Chipiona near Cadiz, the Transatlantic21 partnership said on its website.

The 14 metre (46 feet) boat largely followed the historic route sailed by explorer Christopher Columbus on the first known maritime crossing of the Atlantic in the 15th century, making its last stopover in the Canary Islands.

The catamaran covered the final 5,000 kilometre (3,100 miles) non-stop leg in 30 days.

I am reminded of something like ‘history repeating itself.’ Also that wind power is really a complicated answer from a simple source: the sun. So I suppose that all wind power really is ‘solar power,’ originally and disturbingly simply speaking.

Take from it what you may.


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  1. Not only wind but petroleum is solar based. The plants and animals that went into the earth’s bioreactor to transform into the fuel we use today used the sun and the atmosphere they had available.

    Talk about history repeating itself! We’re trying to find a way to reproduce that process. :)

  2. Dave! Long time no see, very interesting story, i love how the boat just has the solar panels bolted to the top. I have seen much more interesting designs that integrate the solar panels into the sails. Making the boat a solar/wind monster. Ironically the design was for an oil tanker, apparently it takes too much oil to ship oil around, so they want to use renewable energy to move it around. Sheesh.

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