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  1. I’m writing to ask permission to republish one of your illustrations — the collage showing an evacuated tube solar collector vs. a PV module. I want to use it to illustrate an article on Green Building Advisor, and I am happy to credit your site as the source.

  2. Hi
    My name is Terri, was recently doing a search on the internet to create a cheap version of a water heater and I found a link for solar water heater for $5 dollars. I t was removed and a link brought me here for the instructions but I was unable to find it on your site. If it is still available could I please get a copy of the instructions. Thank you.

    Live green,
    Terri Bedard

  3. would you be able to snd to me the plans for the $5 water heater…many thanks jeffrey sharp

  4. confusing . so many people looking for what is said to be here but to no avail. just an old man looking for guidance to the places I know exist, ie: hot water heating via conduction, pump versus no pump, best solar collection batteries etc. would like to be a contributor but this seems like a test. Love the fridge heat exchanger, never would have thought of that! Any chemical concerns? Fun stuff!!

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