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  1. I’m writing to ask permission to republish one of your illustrations — the collage showing an evacuated tube solar collector vs. a PV module. I want to use it to illustrate an article on Green Building Advisor, and I am happy to credit your site as the source.

  2. Hi
    My name is Terri, was recently doing a search on the internet to create a cheap version of a water heater and I found a link for solar water heater for $5 dollars. I t was removed and a link brought me here for the instructions but I was unable to find it on your site. If it is still available could I please get a copy of the instructions. Thank you.

    Live green,
    Terri Bedard

  3. would you be able to snd to me the plans for the $5 water heater…many thanks jeffrey sharp

  4. confusing . so many people looking for what is said to be here but to no avail. just an old man looking for guidance to the places I know exist, ie: hot water heating via conduction, pump versus no pump, best solar collection batteries etc. would like to be a contributor but this seems like a test. Love the fridge heat exchanger, never would have thought of that! Any chemical concerns? Fun stuff!!

  5. looking for a submersible 12v UV Light for my 1500 gal water tank know of any sites. im off the grid and want safe water. Thanks

  6. looking for a submersible 12v UV Light for my 1500 gal water tank know of any sites. im off the grid and want safe water. Thanks, Sticks

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  8. Hi. I was just over on the projects page and saw an article about making your own computer for FREE! Anyway in the article it talks about finding auctions or just lots of computer scrap in bulk for like 25 bucks. Anyone have any info on where I can find these types of things. I live in South Mississippi and down here anybody looking through dumpsters are probably crack heads and prone to getting the police called on them.

  9. Kate carried the Longchamp mini tote in brown on her graduation day, back in June 2003. You can just about see it in this video (or click here for a better picture).

  10. Not sure if I’m posting properly, but I came to this site in hopes of finding the DIY tutorial for building your own water heater…solar water heater.. cabin water heater.. Or something along those lines. Can someone please help me find what I’m looking for? T.I.A

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