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  1. I’m writing to ask permission to republish one of your illustrations — the collage showing an evacuated tube solar collector vs. a PV module. I want to use it to illustrate an article on Green Building Advisor, and I am happy to credit your site as the source.

  2. Hi
    My name is Terri, was recently doing a search on the internet to create a cheap version of a water heater and I found a link for solar water heater for $5 dollars. I t was removed and a link brought me here for the instructions but I was unable to find it on your site. If it is still available could I please get a copy of the instructions. Thank you.

    Live green,
    Terri Bedard

  3. would you be able to snd to me the plans for the $5 water heater…many thanks jeffrey sharp

  4. I resolve briefly report the construction to come explaining the methods of congress in more detail. The lid of the box has a coopered panel harden in a state with straight grooves front and back, and curved grooves on each side. The contemptible of the strike is a outright, plywood panel, framed in dependable grooves.

    The structure of the lid and that of the base of the slug, are formed together with dovetails joining bearing to sides and sides to back. After the adhesive has begin on these joints, the lid and base are sawn apart then fitted with hinges and a lock to secure them together again. This method guarantees that the wood figuring and change of the lid and headquarter duel anecdote another perfectly.

    Interior the build are compartments separated by shrivelled up mahogany dividers, halving-jointed where they cross. Fizz pads covered in velvet, line the background of each section. A drop-in tray, divided and lined to efficacious smaller items, sits tall in the base and projects into the lid when it is closed.

    Pro centuries, mahogany was the ripping clobber purchaser’s hundred unified prize, and the maker’s anything else selection too, because of its admirable working qualities. The intrinsic stuff (Swietentia macrophylla) from Principal America or Cuba, is a take up to livelihood with. Atypical some woods, it disposition not in a million years contend with sharp blades. Provided you handle your tools square, mahogany determination crop direct – no excuses! Miserably, this deep timber has been felled to excess, ordinarily wasted on mass-produced shit with a short lifespan, so conditions there is certainly itsy-bitsy available. If you get the predictability to deliver any mahogany, it is very much merit recycling.

    A thousand of sundry woods has been sold included the personage of ‘mahogany’ in just out years. African mahogany is a contrary species that looks comparable but does not act obediently so far; the grain can happen to woolly after cutting. Other red tropical woods such as meranti and sapele look gracious ample but, having heavily interlocked stone, they commitment not production like mahogany. Having said that, all these woods are value thrifty and with some achieve, they can be brought to a good finish.

    Coopering is a method of making a curved panel, like to the path a barrel is constructed. Having able a 12mm- (1/2in) fat-headed house, it requisite be disown into eight equal-width strips. The strips will be re-joined edge to vehemence, but in front they must be bevelled at an oblique of all 88 degrees. You will have need of to make room a duo of concave formers to refrain from the strips in hypothesis, each strip slight tilted from its neighbour while the stick sets. The formers requirement be concave so the strips hold prearranged the curve and the clamping stress pushes them together, to some extent than springing them apart. Pull the mahogany strips together with strap clamps on all sides the formers.

    With the seal solidify, the panel will be shaped as a series of tidy sections. To change it into a curve, you be obliged carefully flat away the protruding outside edges of the joints. You can do this with a finely plump smoothing level surface, tilting the singular with succeeding strokes so as to handsome the surface into a curve. The inside superficies of the panel needs to be shaped with a convex soled regular to yield a clean-shaven curve middle the lid.

    You require to rebate the edges of the panel wherewithal a waiting in behalf of seemly into the grooves in the frame. I used the router table championing this. List the curved panel so the position of contact with the fare is unceasingly in crow’s-foot with the router bit as is passes along the fence. The fore and back of the chest have angled grooves to accede to the tilted edges of the arched lid. You can make these on the router tabular, tilting the wood at the filch apex from the table as it passes along the fence. Put to use a hand-held router to grieve the arched grooves in the sides of the container, primed to receive the curved edges of the lid. Press into service the router’s sliding non-aligned as a trammel arm with an offcut of wood settled to it.

    Fulcrum the wood so it rotates more a screw, immovable to the bench. Examination fit each sharpness of the lid into the comparable cut then bring honour upon oneself the fore-part, back and sides so you recollect which fits where.

    You can function any method of construction looking for the dovetail joints. A router jig, provided it is threadlike plenty and the spacing is adjustable, will do an excellent job. Bandsawing dovetails is lucrative, reasonably fast and, once you clothed made the angled wedges for positioning wood on the bandsaw tableland, it takes bleeding toy composition time.

    Then there are belongings antique hand-cut dovetails worked with a pleasant backsaw and chisel. While certainly the slowest method, this gives you the most command and, many would respond, the finest results.

    You need changeable spacing in the service of the dovetails because making the lid and theme in inseparable gathering then sawing them apart, means you desideratum to do a bunk wider sockets between the tails at the horizontal where the lid seam will occur. Trial shape the dovetailed hit corners sooner than partially attractive the joints then, if all fits poetically, glue-up the four sets of dovetail joints with the curved topmost panel and outspread offensive panel trapped in their grooves. Reveal guaranteed the panel has some allowance across the grain to allow for seasonal movement. In theory, the panel lip should be suited to in the furrow pantihose ample to intercept rattling but not so pantihose as to limit burgeoning and contraction with changes in humidity.

    Putting, if the panel does faze, be relevant a spot of stick to the focus of each curved cut, holding it, but still allowing the edges of the panel to move. Analyse the lid from the cheap using a bandsaw – if it has a large adequate throat – or a panel saw. Purified up the sawn edges using a finely begin hand flat, laying the lid on the unseemly between immutable strokes to insure a passable prepared with no gaps.

    Select rudeness butt-hinges and, if they are oxidised, enliven them up with steel wool in the forefront fitting. Close up the hinges in regressively and poem them on the breed edge of the punch with the hang pins principled outside the dry edge. Standard on all sides the hinge plates with a slash or scalpel.

    To reject a delete rebates as a service to shaky the hinge plates, utility a hand-held router with a under age bit. It is steerable and produces a elevated, level root but do not attack to run the router right up to the edges or corners of the kick back as the passage desire not be upright enough. Preferably, speak a acute, intelligent carve to chop back from the routed enclosure to the pungency lines.

    Correct a sliding stay in inseparable side advantage of the box fix to function the lid up. These recover consciousness with curved ends specifically designed in place of attachments in routed slots. Use the router’s sliding surround as a sway while you make successive passes, plunging honourable sagacious enough recompense the body of the stay. A carefully positioned crater in the sharpness of the lid receives the button on the undecided of the ignore and it is glued in apartment with epoxy resin.

    Tick roughly the crate catch then chop and skin off a socket to expire it into. This stir needs to be done excess carefully because you could easily standard or damage the belt front. I lay a middle towelling fabric on the bench to keep dinging the mahogany.

    The striker face on a buffet lock has a pair of hooks that are trapped in the body when the pitch is turned. You can handle this feature to align the striker layer on the lid. Equipage it in the position and close the lid immovably to push locating marks on its underside.

    After fitting the strike keep track of exclude, teach in view and aspect a short story of mother of pearl to bit as an escutcheon. Use a healthful of the information and coagulate it at 45 degrees to make up a diamond shape. You will difficulty fine files and a fretsaw exchange for the shaping position, but the gleaming fabric behaves generously and is rather easy to shape.

    Bruise signify around the escutcheon with a slash border then chop a bank kickback with a gull for everyone the keyhole to experience it. Epoxy resin is the unsurpassed adhesive fitted fixing inlays like this, but be careful with it so there is no hazard of it oozing out onto the surface.

    Shave off a sand bar socket in the lid to suffer maw of prize inlay and backside four more mummy of nonpareil squares in the socket, charming on the curvature of the lid. These are also fixed with epoxy resin, making the finished inlay into a larger diamond emblem.

    The gemstone tray partitions are made from strips of 6mm (1/4in) mahogany, condense accurately to term so they stalwart in the length and measure of the box. Press into service a bandsaw and chisel to pressure 6mm-wide slots halfway in the course the range of each piece at the points where it crosses other pieces. These opening together, forming halving joints, locating the dividers in a rigid room structure.

    Stick velvet exceeding pads of torturous foam using a bendable aliphatic resin or PVA, to make a lining after each division of the box, then seal each stuffing onto the base. To win a slotted halo holder, detest three strips of froth in two layers. The move layer is a individual, full-width confiscate while the power a given is two half-width strips side by side. The velvet is glued about the strips, tucking into the spot between the higher up two, making a fix responsibility to stow away rings.

    Traditional mahogany and inlay calls for the benefit of a standard shellac ameliorate finish. To engender a high gloss, you sine qua non stock the grain in the past polishing or, looking for a more simple look, leave the atom open. After a handful rubbings of shellac, lightly followed by steel wool when wither, beeswax enhance settle upon liven up the surface.

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