4 thoughts on “Free Wood Giveaway”

  1. The thing about wood (as a source of heat) is that it warms you up 6 times

    Chopping it down
    Cutting it up
    Loading up for transport
    Unloading for storage
    Chopping for kindling

  2. I have been a wood burner for 15 years but this is my last year. I am rather disenchanted with this “green” way of heating. Yes, it can be carbon-neutral but it can also be a source of stinking pollution and carcinogens. I had the misfortune of living beside a guy that thought that an air-tight stove had to be an air-tight stove – so it smouldered all the time because he starved it for combustion air. A horrible stink, air pollution and potential death – thanks, neighbor!
    This article mentions the heaviness of the wood – I hope that users are counselled that the wood should be split and then dried for at least one summer. Burning wet wood is another sure-fire (ha!) path to incomplete combustion and smouldering.
    Wood can be good but you gotta learn to burn. Small hot fires, good draft, dry hardwood, etc.

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