Monday Confessional

Martin Luther King Jr Today is Martin Luther King Jr. day. This year and for the last two years I have tried to make MLK day a “day on not a day off.” To honor the legacy of Martin Luther King everyone should try and do something good for the world today.

Today I spent my time teaching young people about the importance of service through art. As part of AmeriCorps Cape Cod’s annual MLK day event I was lucky enough to be able to help dozens of little kids learn about drawing.

It was a great time and the kids donated their art work to a bunch of great orginizations as well as created a traveling mural that will be on display thougout the county. It was really cool to see so many people come together to do something really interesting and nice for the community. I would hope that Martin Luther King Jr. would be proud.

Martin Luther king junior day 2007

Read more about this story of positive change here.

I spent this weekend with Tess, the last weekend of her vacation. I miss her already now that law school has her in its clutches again. For anyone thinking about dating a law student make sure you love them “a million” (as I do Tess) because “teh law school!!!111” is a bitch.

It’s not so much that she is changing its just that school takes up a lot of her time that used to be mine. It has taken an adjustment and now I feel like things are much better, but that first semester was trying. I feel much better because now I can help proofread papers, and I know at least one rule of civil procedure (12b!!!) so things are looking up. If I continue to soak up law knowledge at this rate, by the time Tess is done with school I should be able to read the instructions to the LSAT without getting scared.

I will be looking forward to our weekend meetings for the rest of this semester until summer break. The nice thing about law school is that it makes you appreciate the free time you have a lot more.

In other news The Sietch now has custom author templates. If you are an author (or want to be one) make sure you fill out your user info (its under the user tab on the dashboard), then when you write articles your profile will pop up whenever anyone clicks on your author link. (example)