WP Autoblog Excerpt Functionality

I have been using WP Autoblog to auto generate posts here using the RSS feed from my photoblog. It works pretty well, except for one thing. I use excerpt posts here for my rss feed and I wanted to be able to carry over the excerpts from my photo-blog posts to here.

In this way I would not have to re-type in the excerpt and my feeds would be more interesting. To solve this problem was easy enough simply add

// excerpt
$post['post_excerpt'] = strip_tags(trim($item['description']));

some place in the function wp_autoblog(){ section of wp-autoblog.php

Easy as pie.

Now the excerpts follow the rest of the post over, and they end up in the rss feed just as they should.

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6 thoughts on “WP Autoblog Excerpt Functionality

  1. man, do u have this plugin .. i can’t find it anymore .. the owner of WP-Autoblog it’s not giving it on he’s website .. please help thx

  2. Alex: the author stopped distributing the plugin for a bunch of good reason. I have also stopped using it. Even though I was aggregating content from a site I own and write for it still looked too much like auto-blog spam that I was afraid that search engines would not index the site. I would suggest something like CARP instead.

  3. I tried to comment on your photo blog, but was not able to submit. Hi- I’d be interested to know if you are using a wp plugin for your top banner flash effect. Please share.

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