Monday Confessional

Another Monday brings another adventure. I have purchased a new computer, and can now type this at any speed. No longer will I have to wait for each letter to show up on the screen. Hurrah! In other fun news the members learned how to rescue stranded dolphins today. I loved it the first time, and found it no less fascinating this time. They are now all trained in the mystery of the dolphin. (and seals too!) You can see how I put my dolphin stranding training to good use in the positive change section of The Sietch.

We had a bit of a ruff start today, seeing as how we were over one hour EARLY. Seems that someone (me) had dropped the ball a little. Oh well, at least everyone else had messed up the same way. We dropped the ball as a team, and that’s what is important.

I had a wonderful weekend. I got to spend a lot of time with Tess, which was super fun. I also learned that she is a much better runner than I am, and that the course that I have been running which I thought was 2 miles is actually three. Go me! Got to get ready for my small portion of the upcoming marathon. We are so not going to win, but I still want to do my best.

I am reading a new book “the fabric of the cosmos” by Brian Green (the guy who wrote The Elegant Universe) its good so far. Right now he is exploring the fabric of space, time and space-time. I love this sort of stuff, forcing your mind to try and learn new things, or trying to understand stuff you already know better, or from a new perspective. I have not had a chance to get into a good book over the last couple of weeks so its nice that things have calmed down a little.

I am going to have to go to bed early so I can get up and do all this over again. The members are finally starting to show signs of sleep deprivation which has caused the late late nights to slow down. This is good as my room seems to be in the one spot in the house that can hear ANY noise. I hear the flushing, the showering, the talking, the walking, the TV, the microwave, all of it. I have never been a good sleeper, and this is not helping. I think I may have started to adapt to it, or the members have just been so tired that they are not up to making loud noises. Either way its good.