5 thoughts on “Stop Esso!”

  1. He protested a gas company by DRIVING to 45 different gas stations?

    Hey I am all for a good protest of gas companies, but…
    Isn’t that the definition of oxymoronic?

  2. Not really, if you get the message out to 10-20 people at each station you are broadcasting the message at the point it will do the most good, you are also getting others to stop buying gas there.

    Also this is a protest against one gas company, because of the way they run there shop, we are not at a point in which we can give up gas just yet. It will come (hopefuly soon), and part of that step is making companies like exxon change they way they do business.

    How else is he going to reach that many people in one day?

    Lets say he uses one tank of gas, and he gets 20 people to no longer buy from esso, that’s pretty effective.

    If on the other hand he would have stayed at home, and did nothing, then not only is he going to use that one tank of gas (got to go to work and what not) but its going to be used for no special reason. No one will have been educated about the poor business practises of Esso.

    If it would have been possible to ride a bike to all 45 stations I am sure that is what would have happened. As you can read in the article, multiple teams were out, in that way I imagine no one person had to drive all that much.

    All and all I think it was more than worth it.

  3. I just like to bust chops. It just sounded like he had been driving all day to protest gasoline…

    I am glad that I found your crew here too (Michael linking to your homemade solar h2o heater), love your great ideas and overall message. If you guys (and girls) ever want to write up a piece for the magazine telling about who you are, what your ideas are and how to join you in your journey, we would definitely put it up for you.

    check the site for email contacts.

    Have a great Independence Day.

  4. Well, I am he, and sometimes you have to make small sacrifices to make big changes. Let’s suppose none of us used our computers to write important environmental articles on the internet, in order to save energy (well, my computer is powered by wind turbines, but you get the idea), then there would be no environmental movement on the internet.

    We had full cars that day. Most of us are vegetarian (work out the energy saving for that one) and we all have less wasteful lives than the typical person listening to the radio, reading the newspapers and seeing us out there doing our stuff.

    The idea that you have to be squeaky clean to do anything good is absurd; that’s like saying to a person “how dare you switch off lights in your house if you are watching the television!”.

    And Steve, I noticed that some of the adverts on your site are for developments in fragile areas – is that acceptable by your own standards?

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