Monday Confessional

WOW! It has been a busy busy week already. Big meeting at work, lots of stuff done this weekend, just crazy good all over. Got a new project for The Sietch coming soon, my ice cream website is getting lots of attention, had a wonderful time with Tess this weekend, went swimming twice this weekend, and saw opening day of the Cape Cod Baseball League game between Bourne and Wareham. All in all I am a happy boy. Might even fix the whole being homeless things soon. It’s ok if you want to say “ooooh” or perhaps “ahhhh” I can understand how you would be amazed at all of that.

But in a more serious note, work is getting really heavy, been very busy as of late. As such my blogging has slaked off a bit. Sorry! I do love blogs, (tappy tappy tappy), but work and real life has to come first. Those solar panels and wind turbines are not going to install themselves.

In geek related news I stopped using java script to do my RSS to HTML and am now using a PHP script from Carp. The problem was that google and other search engines could not index my java script generated stuff. The php shows up as good old html, so it gets indexed better.

So that’s about it, trying to cram 40 hours a week’s worth of work into 20, and then get everything else done after that. All while having as much fun as humanly possible. Its a wonderful life. My mom is even coming to visit me over the 4th holiday. Go mom! Cape Cod is great in the summer, if you don’t mind gridlock, crazy tourists, and the chance that some old snow bird could kill you at any moment with there giant Lincoln town car.

Why, just yesterday someone was giving me shit about my pro wind stickers on my car. Screaming crazy stuff at me, who does that. I mean I don’t scream at people with Bush stickers, or anti-wind farm stickers. I thought that was the whole idea behind bumper stickers, you let other people know how you feel. His car had no stickers. He was not following the rules. In case you read this crazy guy, buy a sticker that reflects your views, and then put it on your car. Then shut up. Thank you.