Earth Day

I remember the first Earth Day way back in April 22, 1970 and there was a rally held in a park next to the college I was attending at the time. The main speaker, a well dressed bearded scholar, was lecturing us poor uninformed folk about how bad pollution and our way of living was and how it was destroying our world. After the rally I had some questions to ask this knowledgeable leader of the environmental movement. So I followed him out to his car and tried to ask my questions, but he said he was in a hurry and couldn’t spend the time with me. He then drove off in a cloud of black smoke billowing from the tailpipe of his Mercedes diesel.
I learned a good number of lessons on that day. Practice what you preach. Even back in 1970, as it is today, it was hard to find anyone who does. And another lesson learned was Experts don’t know crap! You just got to keep an open mind and evaluate what knowledge you accumulate, because you’re responsible for what you do and how you live. So on this Earth Day go and checkout what these Experts are driving! Oh and by the way, my homes electric is powered by solar panels.

What can you do right now? Get rid of those dang incandescent bulbs and use Compact fluorescent lights that use 75% less energy. Now go and yank them out of their sockets and toss them. Even if you have to be in the dark tonight! Thanks for reading! //bob

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I formed this community in the hopes of promoting positive change. I am committed to educating and enlightening people all over the world to the growing need for change. Help me to make a difference before its too late.

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