Seems to me everyone wants to blame everyone else for the predicament that we’re in with the high gasoline prices; Bush, Iran, Iraq, Exxon, and a whole bunch more. Well I got to tell you that you are wrong! To find the real scoundrel go look in the mirror, yes that’s right it is you! We have been warned a whole bunch of times. Like back in the 70’s when we had the gas shortages and everyone had to wait in line for gas. People were buying smaller cars like the Ford Pinto and that Gremlin thing, in fact they converted a Gremlin to run on hydrogen back then. Then the prices of gas went down and it was business as usual, at least for some people.
I was talking to a friend of mine today and he said it is all Bush’s fault that gas prices are high, I told him that it didn’t help matters any that he drives an 8 cylinder gas guzzling truck that gets 11 miles to the gallon and he goes to town everyday for something to do. He consumes and wastes too much energy running his home and all his toys that it is a wonder that he doesn’t go broke. He laughs at my LED lights that I use to light up my house and the solar panels on my roof is an eyesore to him, that’s why he won’t put them on his house because they are an eyesore. During the Christmas season he has so much lighting on his home that it’s a wonder that airliners don’t try to land there.
What I am trying to say is that we have to take responsibility for our own actions and not wait for the Government to fix things or we may very well end up like those poor folks after hurricane Katrina. So what can you do? That will be on my next post. Thanks for reading //bob

2 thoughts on “Blame”

  1. Bob must work for Exxon.
    Here is what I want to know. If the gas per barrel goes up in the market today, you see the price go up immediatley at the pump. But, if the price drops per barrel, no friggin change at the pump. It’s all Bull.
    We have plenty of oil in Texas, all capped off. Unplug the wells and lets get back to work.
    Get out of my damn pocket!!!!

  2. Dave I don’t work for Exxon or any other oil company. I think you are missing the whole picture here. It’s not to continue using oil and pollute our air, it’s to conserve until we find alternatives. Until you change you are stuck with the system that is in place. Sorry Dave but it looks to me like you are part of the problem.
    Global warming? If you don’t believe in it I really don’t care and don’t desire wasting my time debating it with you. But I want you to just think of all the emissions from vehicles and power plants you are filtering through your lungs!

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