When is rain drizzle?

I have not been sleeping well as of late. I am a bit concerned that I may be sleeping in my car at the end of August. As of right now I have applied to numerous jobs, and you guessed it, not a one has responded. I am keeping up hope. Perhaps they are under heavy workloads, or um, they have lots of applicants, or they are trying to figure out how they can possibly NOT afford to hire me. As I have been putting my website into my resume, if you are one of the a fore mentioned employers let me assure you, I am a hard worker, never late to work, care deeply about making the world a better place and witty. My other skills include the ability to lift heavy objects, I can fix your computer, and I am a good cook. I am not sure you will want any of these traits but I have them. As far as the rest, things are going well. Life is not so bad right now. Perhaps I should live more in the moment and enjoy these fine times instead of letting worry about the future disrupt my present.